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The formula

Hand Sanitizer Peace of Mind for Skin Hand Sanitizer Peace of Mind for Skin Care

Not all hand sanitizers are created equal, imbalanced formulas can leave skin feeling dry and irritated.

Prebiotics balance the microbiome.
Moisturizers and Humectants nourish and hydrate
Antioxidants protect against free-radicals

By prioritizing the prebiotic the nourishing and the antioxidant alongside the antibacterial, we’ve created a complete, skincare-forward formula that cleanses, conditions and helps balance the microbiome with every use.

microbiome balancing

At the heart of Love Dirty lies the microbiome. As your natural skin barrier, the bacterial ecosystem is essential to everyday living, defending against infection, inflammation, and disease. Our prebiotic formula helps to restore the balance of your microbiome, promoting the growth of good bacteria and helping to limit the regeneration of bad bacteria.

naturally minded, nourishing ingredients.

At Love Dirty it’s all about balance. Our ingredients are as natural as effectively possible yet deeply nourishing in their individual and cumulative benefits. They’re hardworking and multifunctional, as good to you as they are for you, and ultimately, they elevate hand sanitizing into a more premium skincare experience.


  • with Sugar Beet
  • with Chicory Root
  • with Avocado Oil
  • with Vitamin B5
  • with Cloudberry

For its superior moisture retention and protection properties. The sugar beet byproduct improves skin texture and feel, leaving you with a smooth, healthy glow.

For its support of protective organisms in the microbiome and skin conditioning properties. This natural prebiotic derived from chicory root doubles as a water-drawing humectant.

For its omega-3 fatty acids, oleic acids, and essential vitamins. Avocado Oil is a soothing emollient that calms and softens dry skin.

For its anti-inflammatory and humectant properties. Vitamin B-5 soothes irritated and sensitive skin by helping the body create and absorb more nutrients.

For its antioxidant, omega fatty acid and Vitamin C superpowers. Cloudberry extract protects against the damaging effects of free radicals, strengthening the skin’s protective barrier and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Certified never tested on animals
Certified vegan
Free of paraben, phosphate and sulfate
Gluten free

light scent

A light floral fragrance--safe for even the most sensitive skin--enhances the formula and indulges the senses.

Top: citrus bouquet, wild berries
Mid: lavender, rose, jasmine
Drydown: sandalwood, musk

luxe texture

Unlike watery sprays that miss the mark or goopy gels, the Love Dirty formula is indulgent to the touch. Melting into the skin like a serum, the pearlescent solution is as beautiful in appearance as it is in results.



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