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Lots of Love Kit

Glamshell with preloaded Refill + 3 Refills + 400ml Pump
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what it is

A lot of love. Our best sellers all together in one specially priced gift-able kit for the first time. Everything you need to keep you safe and hands-cleansed wherever you are, home, away, all day, every day.

what it does 

Transforms hand sanitizing into an elevated experience that fits your lifestyle. The Glamshell slips into your pocket or your bag to keep you safe and chic on the go, while the Air-Free Eco Pump is handy at home or wherever you gather. Stock up on the Glamshell Refills, loaded with our skincare-forward formula to create a self-care ritual you'll be proud to show off.

what's in the kit
1 x Glamshell personal dispenser with preloaded Refill
28ml/.94 fl.oz.
3 x Glamshell Refills
3 x 28ml/.94 fl.oz.
1 x Large Air-Free Eco Pump Dispenser
400ml/13.5 fl.oz.


  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Natural prebiotics help feed good protective bacteria to balance the microbiome
  • Nutrient rich moisturizers help soothe and nourish skin
  • Humectants help lock in hydration
  • Antioxidants help protect against free-radical skin damage

The Glamshell comes preloaded with one skin caring hand sanitizer Refill. To begin using, simply twist off the cap and squeeze the formula into hand. Melt the formula between palms, rubbing together for complete coverage. For optimal results, don’t forget to rub over the full back of hands and run through fingers thoroughly. Refills effortlessly pop in and out of the shell, so stock up and swap out as life gets dirty.

Using the Glamshell
How to Use Glamshell Skincaring Hand Sanitizer

Shake Glamshell to prime for use.
Twist cap counterclockwise to remove

How to Use Glamshell Skincaring Hand Sanitizer

Place thumb in center of Refill face.Squeeze to dispense formula

Ingredients Drug Facts
Love Dirty Skincaring Hand Sanitizer Drug facts Panel
Love Dirty
Prebiotic, moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients
Love Dirty
Certified never tested on animals Certified vegan Free of paraben, phosphate and sulfate
Love Dirty
Eco friendly, reusable shell and recyclable refills
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